The Headache

5:30 A.M.


My right eye popped open, yes… just the one, as I flung my arm over to smack that damned alarm. I hate that alarm. The buzzing sound feels like a spear being shoved through my temple. Unfortunately, it is the only alarm that will wake me anymore. I sleep like a log. This morning it was worse…

I had wine last night with dinner and a few more glasses afterwards to celebrate my husband’s upcoming job. So getting up at the ass crack of dawn wasn’t going to be easy today. I reassured myself that once the heathen I gave birth to was off to school I could sleep more. In that moment I just smacked the snooze button. Just a few more winks… ahhh… warm bed… fuzzy….Ahhh. Silence. Thank God for the snooze button. Thank God it’s Friday and tomorrow I won’t have to hear that despicable sound.


I winced as I snatched the clock and yanked the cord from the wall. Dropping it on the floor before I flung the blanket away from me. I grumbled as I reached for my phone, blinded by the brightness of the screen, I squinted…

5:42 A.M.

My head was pounding. I didn’t have a choice but to get up and get moving. I made a promise to the kiddo last night. In a slightly drunken stupor I agreed to get up early and play a board game with him before the school bus arrived. Honestly I would’ve agreed to just about anything to get him to go to bed so I could have some quiet time… and wine, let’s not forget the wine.

I staggered down the hallway trying to tip toe as the hard wood floor was freezing and it creeks entirely too much. I didn’t want to wake my son just yet. I needed to pee and start coffee. A morning cigarette followed. My head still pounding as I opened the front door to a cool breeze. I stepped out and around the corner of my porch to my peaceful place. I have a very comfortable chair that I escape to quite often to drown out life’s chaos.

I lit my cigarette and cursed myself for this stupid decision. I could be in bed, all warm and fuzzy, for at least another hour. I watched as neighbors headed out to work and high school kids lined up at the bus stop. Here we go… another day in the rat race… I sighed and shook my head. Dreading the moment I was approaching.

5:56 A.M.

“Hey Kiddo, it’s time to get up! We have a board game to play!” I tried to sound chipper.

He groaned and pulled the covers over his head. “Not noooow Mom! I’m tiiiired!” He whined in his 10-year-old high pitch voice which caused me to wince again.

“You sure? I got up early, as I promised. You sure you want to miss out on all the fun we could have?” I was trying to stay calm as I was extremely annoyed about being awake at all myself.

He grunted and rolled over. He chose sleep. Of course he did. Who in their right mind wouldn’t?

Well, now I was up. There was no way for me to get back into a good sleep. Not to mention that I had already pulled the cord on the alarm and didn’t want to fuss with it again. I had already made coffee.

I shut off his light. Back to my peaceful place. The porch. Coffee. Cigarettes. Quiet.

Suddenly my headache was gone.



About justajourna1

I am 35, I have always been intrigued with writing. I love it. It is one of the few qualities about my existence that will never die. I love to read as well. At this point in my life I am on another soul search. I have one son, I always wanted more children but I was cursed with severe endometriosis. I am currently married and blessed to have a step-son and a step-daughter. Their father and I have been best friends for a long time. We have a blast together. It's like having a slumber party every night! The thing I love the most is that he accepts me as I am. Broken. Moody. Hormonal. He strives to make me smile and succeeds. (I don't know how he puts up with me) Anyhow, that's a little about me. For more... read the journal.
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  1. Jim says:

    mornings to yourself are awesome.

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